When you are going to find the right hosting for your business you will be confused. But you should know the best one because it is important for your business. Bad hosting can cost your business a huge, you can lose thousands of customers. So before purchase, ask yourself “What server suits your business?” is it “shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting?” learn before you take any decision.

Consider Your Options

When buying a hosting company for your business or personal website, you need to know what features are provided and which types of servers are there. Some companies offer great deals, including a wide variety of features in your hosting package price. For example, they can offer a
70% discount the first month as well as a money-back guarantee. Others have a basic package with a pricing system for additional features. They might charge extra for features you’d find included with other companies..

Determine the Purpose of Your Site

First of all answer the following questions to determine your need :

  • Why are you going to build a website?
  • What type of site is it? Is it a blog, a portfolio or an online store?
  • Do your website needs huge traffic?

In the case of a simple website, you could have shared hosting. If your website operates a shopping cart, it requires a dedicated IP address and a customer management system to keep track of customers and leads. If you have a very complex website to manage many things then you need dedicated hosting with unlimited features

Take a look of Server Descriptions

Shared Hosting It is great for blogging, as it does not make much problems in terms of disk space and bandwidth, even with high traffic. But, it is less suitable for a small online store and complex website because of more space and bandwith requirement.

VPS is useful for expanding sites and will help you ensure you’ll have enough space as your business grows. However, keep in mind it’s wasteful to pay for all that space before you actually need it.

Cloud Hosting is perfect for a gradually growing business. You can scale up bit by bit without paying for redundant space.

Dedicated Server should be your go-to choice if you’re working with multiple sites, lots of media and traffic, and you have the budget. You’ll never have to worry about disk space again.

The Limit on Unlimited Plans

With all the unlimited space and bandwidth packages out there, you may think anyone who upgrades from shared hosting is crazy. Unfortunately, providers are using the word “unlimited” very liberally.

It’s assumed that 95% of domains on shared hosting have very low requirements, so it isn’t worth capping. In case you go over what they deem to be reasonable usage, they’ll get in touch. So, if you want more than one domain, high storage capacity, video streaming, heavy features, etc. shared hosting is likely a bad fit

Technical Support

Many companies offer support for 24/7, 365 days a year. But in real situation sometimes you may not have enough support. Neither you can call or communicate in other ways and you will become helpless. The company should give you the option to email, live chat or call.

If you’re opting for VPS you will need particularly efficient support methods. There will rarely be any problem with a shared account, but VPS software configurations are totally at your discretion and therefore leave much room for technical issues.


Lots of free apps provided by your hosting company as for example CMS apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. You will get apps for galleries, blogs, forums, and video editing. You also get an email-box with anti-spam software. The above apps may not affect much in your
business but few more technical apps are very important to grow your business.

Few technical apps like site analytics and error logs to improve your site performance. Some
plans include an SSL certificate for free, if it is not free better to purchase it. It is important to secure your site as well as add value to your business. You must have a feature of daily backup that can help you to recover your valuable website if somehow it damages or loses.

Hints for You

Don’t wait just start your business as early as possible. If you are in confusion get a normal hosting plan and start the business. Later according to your business need to upgrade your plan. You could upgrade any time because it is profitable to your hosting provider and they will
always allow upgrading. Before being an expert you could have shared hosting and as per your business grow upgrade to dedicated hosting

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